Some lawyers think they know how to write, and others worry their writing is a weakness. But that’s not what matters! Regardless of confidence level, all lawyers can improve their writing skills—to the benefit of themselves and their clients.


Team-based instruction for legal and corporate departments effectively motivates professionals at any level to improve and polish their own work, and teaches them to critique writing to meet the exacting standards of their organization. Topics include:

• Tips for Effective Legal Writing
• Writing a Statement of Facts
• Organizing an Argument
• Developing a Theme
• Editing Techniques



There’s always more to learn about effective legal writing! Continuing education seminars and workshops with Legal Writing Lab focus on legal writing and techniques. (Official California Bar CLE certification pending.)


I provide personalized coaching for legal and other professionals to effectively diagnose issues with their work product, and help them identify specific strategies for improving their writing. Working one-on-one or in groups, my clients develop new technique to develop clarity, concision, persuasiveness--and creativity.


I edit briefs, articles, and other documents for organization, content, clarity, and grammar.