"Leslie is incomparably gifted at teaching and inspiring, particularly at legal writing. What makes her even more special is the tremendous heart she puts into her work. I have consistently found it easy and enjoyable to work with Leslie and see her as uniquely empowering given her ability to connect with individuals with diverse needs and backgrounds and sincerely invest in their long-term success and fulfillment. Leslie, quite simply, is a tremendous asset to the legal profession!"

Founder at GenLead/BelongLab

"It would be difficult to find a person who is more pleasant to work with, more sensitive to cultural signals and courtesies, more effective in teaching and interacting with students, or more enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with and learn from others.  She has a contagious energy, a soft-spoken manner, and a pleasant sense of humor that make for easy conversations, smooth relations,
and a shared joy in life and learning."

Professor of Law, University of Kansas

"After Leslie edited my appellate brief, a Ninth Circuit justice wrote me a personal letter commending the quality of my writing.
Need I say more?"

Attorney; former partner, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean

"In order to succeed as an attorney, one must master legal writing, which requires a solid understanding of the fundamentals and rules. I could not have asked for a better instructor in these essential skills than Prof. Burton, who genuinely cared about her students’ progress, and was encouraging and approachable, which made mastering the necessary skills much more attainable.

Of course, the best measure of success for any professor or tutor is the success of the student. During my years as a litigation
associate and senior associate I received many compliments on my legal writing from superiors within law firms and from the court. Even today, I continue to use the skills I learned from Prof. Burton to persuade the court."

Owner/Lead Attorney, Schantz Law Firm
Owner/Bar Exam Writing Tutor, CalBarCoach
Adjunct Prof. in Litigation, Golden Gate University School of Law

"Leslie taught me that structured writing brings clarity and precision.  She showed me how to organize complex information, sort out the related concepts, and articulate key points effectively. She is exceptionally well-organized, clear-cut, and detail-oriented yet approachable and engaging.   My work with Leslie definitely improved the quality of my writing and I continue to improve due to
her continued investment in my personal success."

Partner, Centric Legal